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La Paz and Molo: More than just districts

Big players in the food industry have adapted in one way or the other into their menu, the two famous soups named after Iloilo City's two districts; La Paz and Molo.

Fast food giant, Jollibee recently came out with its La Paz batchoy style noodle soup a year after coming out with its own Pancit Molo version.

Goldilocks bakeshop also came up with its own Pancit Molo also after a year of coming out of its batchoy though named batchoy tagalog.

Max's restaurant also included a La Paz batchoy style noodle soup.

Instant cup noodles super brands Lucky Me and Nissin came out with their La Paz batchoy line long ago but neither comes close to the taste we Ilonggos love.

In the end it’s the popularity of these soups that have influenced these super brands to make them more accessible whenever, wherever.

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